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Daytona 675 2006>

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625 Hydraulic Pre-Load adjuster

CODE: 625-000-00

Price : $249.00

The Hydraulic Pre-load adjuster for Wilbers Suspension shock absorbers. With its help the spring preload can be hydraulically adjusted at any time for up to 10mm by a manual crank. No more annoying fumbling with the sickle spanner ! Through this, features like load...[more]

Promoto Lowering Kits

CODE: 550-000-00

Price : $165.00

The consequences of a fall over for example during waiting at the traffic lights can be disastrous. The bikes´ coating is scratched, the handlebar is damaged, the clutch is bent, the mirror is broken and the exhaust is dented. Left aside the injuries you might suffer....[more]