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Daytona 675 2006>

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625 Hydraulic Pre-Load adjuster

CODE: 625-000-00

Price : $249.00

The Hydraulic Pre-load adjuster for Wilbers Suspension shock absorbers. With its help the spring preload can be hydraulically adjusted at any time for up to 10mm by a manual crank. No more annoying fumbling with the sickle spanner ! Through this, features like load...[more]

Promoto Lowering Kits

CODE: 550-000-00

Price : $165.00

The consequences of a fall over for example during waiting at the traffic lights can be disastrous. The bikes´ coating is scratched, the handlebar is damaged, the clutch is bent, the mirror is broken and the exhaust is dented. Left aside the injuries you might suffer....[more]

SteadyStand Multi Portable

CODE: 160-Black

Price : $249.00

You notice how your motorcycle is built for the road as soon as you want to park it in your garage, or when you want to perform some maintance or cleaning, or when it needs to be transported. It’s almost as if your motorcycle resists it. Parked in your garage it leans...[more]


CODE: Tyre-Fix

Price : $114.95

ACEBIKES "Tyrefix" Tie-down Set:

Special tie-down strap system for securing your motorbike on a trailer or transporter. Ensures secure fixing and perfect protection. Also prevents any part of the paintwork from being scratched. Includes a belt system for attaching to one wheel of your machine. Supplied in a handy storage bag with zip and carry handle.